Created in lancashire, using british ingredients

Our key ingredients

Filtered Water

100% British Oats

British Rapeseed Oil

British Iodised Salt

Acidity Regulator

Calcium, Vitamins,

Our products

We deliver across Britain, view the milk rounds we have partnered with, and once on their website input your postcode to see if they can deliver Oato to your doorstep.

Oato Barista Whole

Our original Oato oat milk drink. Creamy and fresh, produced to barista-grade standards for a luscious coffee that doesn't split.

Oato is delivered in a traditional glass bottle that can be reused over and over, keeping our impact on the planet to a minimum.

Oato Barista Semi

With a 1.5% fat content and barista grade quality, our Barista Semi is light, yet retains that creamy mouthfeel that Oato is known for, and won't split in your coffee.

Chocoloato Oat Drink

Our Chocoloato is a deviously delicious addition to the breakfast table.

With just the right balance of sweetness and deep rich chocoloaty flavour, Chocoloato makes a great refreshment to go, can be poured over cereal, or added to coffee for a mocha-esque experience!

Strawberry Oat Drink

Spread the love with this pretty-in-pink Strawberry Oat shake. This nostalgic creation is made with 100% British Oats, allowing you to savour the fruity freshness of strawberries in every sip.

We've added a variety of vitamins for good measure. You can enjoy it in your smoothie, on its own, or introduce it to the kids. We're excited for you to try this new flavoured oat milk addition to the British milk rounds.

Oato Barista Whole
1 Litre

For those who can't access our milk rounds, or simply want to pick up some Oato on their weekly shop, we have launched our Barista Whole onto supermarket shelves. It's the exact same classic recipe as it always has been, just in a new format!

Oato is now available in 100% recyclable 1 litre poly bottles. This option will also be available on certain milk rounds.

So what exactly is Oato, anyway?

• A ‘non-dairy’ alternative to milk, Oato is lactose, nut, and soy free.

• It’s made with the freshest British ingredients.

• Oato is naturally sweetened by the oats, we don’t add anything to it.

• We don’t use any animal products: Oato is suitable for vegan diets.

our strawberry oat drink is now available to order
our strawberry oat drink is now available to order
our strawberry oat drink is now available to order
our strawberry oat drink is now available to order

Crafted with baristas in mind

One for the coffee lovers: Oato is creamy, foamable, and doesn’t split, Not only will it micro-foam for latte art, it also goes great with a nice cup of tea.

The glass bottle

A closed loop, sustainable system

The pint bottle has been an iconic symbol of the small British business and dedicated delivery service.  By using the pint bottle we’re bringing back a tradition whilst moving forward with the times.

Each bottle visits an average of 28 households and once it’s run its life it can be recycled into new glass. Helping to resolve the climate crisis we’re facing today.

Many milk rounds have been serving their community for decades and by choosing Oato delivered to your doorstep you’re supporting them move to a plant-based future.

Find your local milk round to order Oato to your doorstep

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