let's make your coffee even better

Hey independent café owner - ready to elevate your coffee game? With Oato, you get a fresh, British-made oat milk that's easy on the planet and plays nice with your espresso machine.

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“Not all dairy alternatives work well with the kind of coffee we use, our coffee is very light roast and acidic.

A lot of other dairy alternatives tend to separate and curdle, Oato is really consistent and smooth - it tastes good every time”

Karl, Head Roaster @‌Ancoats Coffee MCR

Partner with us

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We love working with cafés, shops and restaurants that appreciate what we stand for

Oato is a fresh oat drink produced in Lancashire with British sourced ingredients. We are a company run in a considered way with genuine sustainability credentials to stand behind.

Our Barista-grade Oato creates a lovely micro-foam when steamed, and tastes creamy and malty, ideal for every type of coffee, from flat whites to macchiato.

If you are an independent coffee shop, venue or sustainable supermarket and want to stock Oato, we have digital and print POS to help you promote our partnership. We have a #ShoutoutSaturday on Social Media where we can talk about your business too!

Let’s work together to offer consumers more choices!

Wholesale deliveries

If you are based in the Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire or Cheshire areas, we can supply your business with Oato.

Reach out to us below, and get your fridges stocked with our fresh oat drink as soon as tomorrow!

Become an Oato stockist

If you’d like to have a chat about having Oato in your fridge, reach out to us via email, and we’ll get back to you.

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